Dedicated Consulting Staff



Dunny Green

Bio-Environmental Oceanographer

With over 40 years experience spanning 65 countries, Dunny's work in Marine Ecology and Bio-Environmental Oceanography lead to specialized expertise in oceanographic data collection and reporting for the US Navy utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.



George Cavignac

Chief Executive Officer

George has almost 30 years experience in the governmental process as both an elected official and otherwise.  He specializes in legislative creation, monitoring and advocacy at the federal, state and local levels for issues that affect the many facets of our mission.

Abraheim Qaza

Legislative Intern

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, Abraheim is a Senior at the University of New Orleans.  He is an excellent asset and part of our organization's internship program with the incredible Political Science Dept. at UNO.



GCRC works closely with experts in all our commercial and recreational fishing sectors. In addition, we currently have the following staff fisheries experts:

Clint Guidry

Shrimp Industry Expert

Clint is a 3rd-Generation Shrimp Fisherman.  In addition to life-long experience on our waters, he has decades of experience in industry advocacy as the former Chairman of both the Louisiana Shrimp Association and the state's official Louisiana Shrimp Task Force, as well as multiple nonprofit organizations.

Our Coast, Our Cause

Your support and generous contributions enable us to take the actions necessary for the Gulf Coast region's protection.  Without your help, a coordinated regional approach would not be possible. 

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A message from our Organization


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about the Gulf Coast Resource Coalition.  Born out of the need for a truly regional approach to advocacy for our Gulf Coast across multiple states, we pledge to stay abreast of the issues that affect our economies, communities, businesses and resources.

  Getting important information to the stakeholders that need it and taking action when necessary are priorities for me and our organization.  We are working tirelessly to ensure ALL our members have a seat at the table to influence decisions made by others that could affect us.

With access to an incredible amount of expertise in Gulf Coast businesses, economies, science, government and legislation, our organization stands ready to serve our constituents throughout the region.

Again, thank you for considering the Gulf Coast Resource Coalition as an important tool for our coast's survival and success!  Please consider donating and becoming a subscribed member - without you, the tremendous amount of resources necessary to continue our fight would not be available.

George Cavignac

CEO, Gulf Coast Resource Coalition


Kerrie Hart Haro, Chairman

Kerrie works extensively in marine mammal rescue and health services along the Gulf Coast, and brings a passion for our Gulf resources that is unmatched.  Kerrie also serves on other Boards of benevolent groups, volunteering her time and energy for other great causes.

Celeste DeNoux, Vice-Chairman/Secretary of the Board

Celeste brings over 25 years of experience managing large construction projects including many levee restoration and flood/coastal protection projects and her knowledge of the processes is invaluable to our organization.  She also brings years of experience in the Seafood Restaurant industry.

Jennifer Blessey, Board Treasurer

Jennifer brings with her years of Chief Financial Officer/Administrator experience.  With a Masters in Business Administration and a degree in Accounting, Jennifer helps guide our organization and serves as our Board's Treasurer.


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